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About Me


Hi!  I'm Alexandra Moreira and I have been in love with "brigadeiros" ever since I took my first bite. I was born and raised in Portugal, where I initially tried these sweet treats made by our Brazilian brothers. The love for the brigadeiros grew stronger in 1996 when I moved to NYC and became very involved in the Brazilian - American community.  Their food, lively music and culture was contagious and I honestly could never have enough brigadeiros...or Samba.

Pinehurst, North Carolina became my new home in 2008, and in 2010 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Marina, or "Nina" as her little friends call her.  She can pronounce the word "brigadeiro" like a native...if a six year old can, then you can!

We love our new hometown in North Carolina.  The area is beautiful, the winters are mild, the people are warm, but as sweet as the tea is, it is not as sweet as my brigadeiro. So I started making my own brigadeiros and would often bring them to event gatherings as well. During the fall of 2012, at a time of need and prayer, I had a dream (literally!) about investing more in the brigadeiro making skills.  I have been perfecting those skills since and now offer a wide array of flavors to suit your palate, along with several unique brigadeiro product options.  Did I say "Brigadeiro" blooms? Dare to take your first bite and fall in love, just like I did!